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About Collins & Kent International

Collins and Kent was originally founded in Sydney, Australia in 1999. After a decade serving clients throughout Australia, the company changed its ownership and name to Collins & Kent International Pty Ltd (CKI) to reflect its ever-increasing international clientele.

Collins & Kent International specialises in the works of the Masters focusing our expertise on the most liquid, collected and affordable sector of the market. Our recommendations concentrate on the mixed media works of the Masters both old and modern; and primarily their works on paper. We also offer full art broking services to clients interested in other segments of the art market including works in oil on canvas and other media.

Collins & Kent International only recommends artworks by non-producing artists and blue chip artists with established global reputations and verifiable auction sales/purchase histories, where demand is high and supply limited. These artists and artworks provide a history of solid price growth and would reasonably be expected to respond in line with any other real asset over the long term.